Titan 48 LLC

Bulgarian manufacturer of natural food supplements.

The products of Titan 48 LLC meet all Bulgarian and European requirements for safety and efficiency.
Our product range is precisely selected and developed to the highest quality and safety standards.
We produce the products in our own brand new and certified production base according to all requirements of the BABH.
The team behind the development and production of Titan 48 LLC products is made up of professionals in the field of traditional medicine and biotechnology.
Our goal is to continue to create products that rank among the market leaders in terms of efficiency and safety.
TITAN Products can support the body in building new healthy functional tissues with normal structure.
Collagen and low molecular weight proteins are an essential element for our health.
They make up about 40% of the protein plates in the human body. They are found in the bones, blood vessels, digestive tract, heart, cornea, bile bladder, kidneys, urinary bladder, smooth muscle tissues and cartilage.
Collagen and proteins are involved in the maintenance of stable ligaments that connect muscles and joints.
Hydrolyzed collagen and low molecular weight proteins plays a major role in maintaining healthy and good-looking nails and hair, as well as healthy joints.
The collagen content is very important to prevent age-related changes in cartilage, to support cartilage tissue and bone density.
Titan supplements - nutritional support for your health. Organic supplements formulated by master health practitioners.