Titan Extract 70gr


TITAN 70 g. concentrate is a concentrated natural product. It contains 99 percent amino acids and regenerates the invites.

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70 g. TITAN concentrate contains:
Protein - 70 g. of animal origin

1. What is TITAN concentrate
TITAN concentrate is a concentrated natural product. It contains 99 percent amino acids and regenerates the invites. All organs in the human body are composed of tissues (bones from bone tissue, cartilage from cartilaginous tissue, the skin from skin tissue, etc.). TITAN concentrate builds new healthy tissues, as a person was born, by removes the sick and replaces them with healthy ones. Removing the sick and replacing them with healthy ones is not always possible
100 percent, but despite everything, the product is universal for a quick reaction of the body for many species
We cannot help with oncological diseases, while with autoimmune diseases we have improvement and it stops
disease progression. TITAN concentrate is one of the best and preferred products because of its
zo action and achieving positive results. The product has no analogue. It builds the health of the body and a lot
of the drugs that are taken can be reduced, and some of them can even be discontinued.

2. Benefits of admission:
• A food product without analogue, it supports all organs in the human body by enabling it to be reached
longevity in good health
• sensitively supports the activity of the heart in ischemic diseases and arrhythmia
• Helps build new tissue by replacing diseased fibrous tissue

3. When and how to take TITAN concentrate
TITAN concentrate is taken once a day, 1 tablespoon of 3.5 g, 30 minutes before meals.

4. Who should not take TITAN concentrate?
TITAN concentrate is not suitable for people suffering from allergies to the animal product.
Does not contain GMOs.

5. What are the side effects of TITAN concentrate?
Until now, there are no known side effects of the preparation and contraindications for its use. Tolerance
is very good, allowing safe intake for a long period of time.

6. Storage
Store TITAN concentrate at room temperature and ventilated places out of the reach of children.
Store TITAN concentrate in the original package.
Do not use the preparation after its expiration date or if the integrity of the package is broken.

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