Beef Collagen 130gr


TITAN bovine collagen is a bioactive product that contains 100% low molecular weight hydrolyzed animal peptides origin.

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130 g of TITAN collagen contain:
Hydrolyzed collagen peptides of animal origin - 130 g.
1. What is TITAN collagen
TITAN collagen is a bioactive product that contains 100% low molecular weight hydrolyzed animal peptides origin.
The content of the collagen-peptide hydrolyzate ensures their quick and easy resorption in the gastrointestinal tract.
nal tract. After their resorption, they are easily degradable and can support the bodys organism in various
our states. This product contains replaceable and essential amino acids. The content of immovables may
affect the bodys ability to regenerate and maintain tendons, bones, skin, blood vessels and so on
protect against age-related changes in cartilage and loss of collagen in adults. The amino acids proline, glycine, lysine
are indispensable in the construction of the connective tissue and support the normal functions of the cell. The content
is collagen is very important for the level of nitrogen and can prevent the age-related change of the cartilage, help
of cartilage tissue and bone density.
Hydrolyzate - collagen is an essential element for our health. It constitutes about 30% of the proteins in human
that body and is spread everywhere in the body. Found in bones, blood vessels, digestive tract,
heart, cornea, gall bladder, kidney, bladder, smooth muscle tissue and cartilage. When we have
enough collagen in the body, then we are firmly connected. Collagen is involved in maintaining stable tendons –
tissues that connect muscles and bones, also strong ligaments - a type of connective tissue that connects bones,
together and in relation to this holds the joints together.
Many people try to improve their skin with ointments and other external preparations, but the collagen preparation pro-
change the skin from the inside out. Hydrolyzate - collagen plays a major role in keeping healthy and looking good
nails and hair. As we age, collagen levels are depleted, the skin thins and wrinkles.- Hair loss
vitality and the joints begin to crack. Already at a young age, between 20-29 years old, the body loses up to 1% of collagen per year.
With all these side effects in mind, taking collagen is vital to support healthy
tendons, ligaments, joints and skin.
2. Benefits of admission:
- Helps strengthen bone density;
- Helps to improve the elasticity of joints and muscles;
- Helps for tighter skin and healthy nails;
- Supports hair healing;
- The intake of TITAN collagen is suitable for intake after surgery to support favorably
of the organism. TITAN collagen can support the body in building new healthy functional tissues with
normal structure.
- Taking Titan collagen can support the body after heavy physical exertion, for example
in athletes.
3. When and how to take TITAN collagen
TITAN collagen is taken once a day, 1 ½ tablespoons - 8 g. To achieve a positive effect,
we recommend taking the product for at least three months. With a positive influence, it is possible to continue at-
taking prophylactic maintenance doses of ¾ tablespoon - 4 g daily.
TITAN collagen is not a medicinal product and does not cancel your prescribed medications.
Recommended daily dose: 8 g.
4. Who should not take TITAN collagen?
Do not take the product if you have ever had an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.
5. What are the side effects of TITAN collagen
Until now, there are no known side effects of the preparation and contraindications for its use. Tolerance
is very good, allowing safe intake for a long period of time.
The product does not contain preservatives.
6. Storage
Store TITAN collagen at room temperature out of the reach of children.
Store TITAN collagen in the original packaging.
Do not use the preparation after its expiration date or if the integrity of the package is broken.

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